Is a Smartwatch really worth it?

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How to pick a good smartwatch?

With today's gadget lovers, smartwatches are becoming more and more popular. Due to the large market, more companies are now producing smartwatches, including traditional watch companies such as Fossil. But one may wonder, what is so important and attractive about smartwatches?

Some may think that nowadays, with smartphones and digital advances, wristwatches are becoming somewhat less relevant. They often ask if it is necessary to have a separate device to tell you the time when your phone does that just fine? I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard people say that smartwatches are unnecessary. However, those who think like that simply do not understand what a smartwatch can do.

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Similarly, as phones have evolved and added functionality, so have smartwatches, to the point where they are now smartwatches that match smartphones in terms of intelligence. The technology companies only began releasing smartwatches with smartphone-like features in the 2010s, even though digital watches have existed for decades.  

Even though Apple, Samsung, Sony, and other major players offer smartwatches on the current market, but also in the past, a small startup truly holds the credit for popularizing the smartwatches. After Pebble introduced its first smartwatch in 2013, it received a record sum of funds on Kickstarter and has sold over one million units.


In the meantime, an increasing number of small companies have begun manufacturing and commercializing smartwatches designed to meet the users' needs. Deep Rio Vidaa and Deep Rio Niagara are some of such examples. Both smartwatches mentioned above are all-in-one health wearables created for you to bring into your everyday life. The Vidaa and Niagara smartwatches can help you track your vital signs, track your steps, measure your calories, as well as help you with your daily activities and have quicker and faster access to all of your notifications.

One might say that smartwatches are the great-great-grandchildren of your grandfather's watch. Rather than a traditional watch that just told the time, this smartwatch is like a tiny, wearable computer.

Smartwatches are usually connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth. Sometimes, this connection created problems in the past, users needed to look for a smartwatch compatible with iPhone or a smartwatch compatible with android, but this is no longer a problem. The technology evolved, and now almost all smartwatches are compatible with any type of smartphone.


When discussing what a smartwatch is, as well as what the differences between a smartwatch and a classic watch are, we need to consider its features. Whether used daily or for a specific purpose (such as a sport), most smartwatches come with a few standard features:

  • Notifications  Similar to smartphones, smartwatches give you the option of receiving and reading notifications directly from your wrist. The types of notifications vary; some devices paired to a smartphone may just replicate the smartphone's notifications on your wrist, whereas other smartwatches may show notifications that only a wearable device can offer. Of course, there are smart watches that do both! 
  • Apps  Similar to smartphones, smartwatches give you the option of receiving and reading notifications directly from your wrist. The types of notifications vary; some devices paired to a smartphone may just replicate the smartphone's notifications on your wrist, whereas other smartwatches may show notifications that only a wearable device can offer. Of course, there are smart watches that do both!
  • Media management  The majority of smartwatches can control the playback of media when paired with your smartphone. You can use your smartwatch to control the volume and the song when you listen to music.
  • Fitness tracking Most smartwatches provide a heart rate monitor, a pedometer, activity tracking, and many more functions alike. Depending on the smartwatch that you choose, the fitness functions and features may be just general information guiding you towards a healthier lifestyle or they may be detailed and specific, giving you all the specifics about your progress as an athlete.
  • GPS  Smartwatches are generally equipped with GPS that enable them to track your location or send you location-specific notifications.
  • Good battery life  The battery life depends on the smartwatch you use and the purpose for which you use it. Today's smartwatches have batteries that last for a full day and a bit more, with normal usage. However, some options can last for multiple days or even a week. 


It's probably obvious to you that your smartphone and a smartwatch are similar, isn't it? Are you still wondering why you would need or want a smartwatch if you already own a smartphone? Well, the answer is quite simple, but not necessarily short.

For example, even though smartphones have become very important in our lives, you still need at least one hand free to hold and use them. Your smartwatch is more accessible. Instead of reaching into your pocket or bag, unlocking the phone, etc., with a smartwatch, you have easy access to all your notifications and media on your arm.

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Since they are easy to use, have portability, and personalized insights, smartwatches have gained enormous popularity. Although they have been around for around a decade, their popularity has surged in recent years as the technology used behind them has improved. 

Smartwatches are loved because of the various features and the commodify that they offer. No need for a special device for sleep tracking, or a special device for movement monitoring and the overall health status. Just a small, nicely designed smartwatch is giving all those details, and more! Statista predicts that in 2022 there will be around 1.1 billion connected wearable devices. 

There have been a few mentions of some of the most common features of smartwatches, but how about digging a little deeper? With a smartwatch, you can access a wide range of features. The 2 smartwatches mentioned, Deep Rio Vidaa and Niagara have their own specific features, and I believe it is time we talk a little about them. Besides the notification that you receive on your wrist, the Deep Rio smartwatches also offer:

  • Clear and vivid screen You are able to upload your favorite pictures, maybe put them as a background, or even watch videos on smartwatches. With Deep Rio Vidaa has a 1.52" display, high-performance 360 X 400 TFT HD resolution, and Deeprio Niagara has a 1.69" display, high-performance 240 X 280 TFT HD Resolution. Also, you have the possibility to adjust the brightness to fit your taste. 


  • Personalize your smartwatch Who wouldn't like to have a fully customized interface for a device they use multiple times a day? Well, I honestly think no one. Thus, Vidaa and Niagara let you truly customize the look of the smartwatch interface by changing the background images, the type of watch you use, the font, and many more. Additionally, to provide a truly personalized experience, you have the option of not only choosing from some already made designs but also combining previously made elements with your own picture.


  • Waterproof Regardless of why you use a smartwatch, a wearable device can be touched by water at a variety of times. With an IP68 waterproof design, you can wear Deep Rio smartwatches all day without the need to worry that they will break down! Despite not being suitable for swimming, you can wash your hands or walk through the rain without any issues with your smartwatch.

  • Remote Shutter Control  Using only your wrist, you can control the shutter on your smartphone camera. It is perfect for capturing your precious moments with family or friends without sacrificing enjoyment.


Health and fitness features are extremely popular, and they are always part of the features offered by smartwatches. The health and fitness features are fairly general and vast terms, so let’s be more specific and focus on these types of features provided by Deep Rio smartwatches.


  • Blood oxygen monitor  Monitoring our blood oxygen levels gives us insight into our lungs' health. Deep Rio smartwatches measure your blood oxygen saturation level accurately, giving you an in-depth understanding of your health. 


  • 24/7 Heart rate monitor  Everybody knows the importance of knowing your heart rate, and the Vidaa and Niagara smartwatches offer 24/7 monitoring, which is a great feature, but not valid for all smartwatches. The 2 smartwatches mentioned automatically monitor your heart rate throughout the day and notify you when your heart rate changes significantly. With them, you can see how your health status is at any time and from wherever is most convenient for you. 


  • Sleep tracking You may or may not know, but sleep is essential for your health, and tracking it can give you valuable information regarding your body and mental health. Smartwatches from Deep Rio track your sleep stages and provide you with both the big picture regarding your sleep quality and personalized tips on how to improve your sleep.



Deep Rio Niagara is a more powerful smartwatch than Vidaa, and so, it offers some extra features, such as:

  • Guided relaxation breathing It may seem as if it's not important since we all know how to relax, but that might not be the case. Practicing relaxation breathing is much more effective than just lying on your couch, but not everyone knows how to do it. Well, if you choose to have a Niagara smartwatch that would not be a problem. Anytime and anywhere, you may be, Niagara lets you set aside a few minutes each day to breathe deeply, keep in touch with your mind, body, and spirit, and release your stress with a simple and effective breathing exercise you can access right on your wrist. 


  • Women’s Health or Calendar Timer  I think it is safe to say that any woman knows how important is to track different processes that occur within her body and only within her body. With just a few taps, Niagara can help women track their fertility or gain insight into their reproductive cycle. It allows you to set reminders and keep an eye on your health.


Besides all those features, Deep Rio smartwatches also provide special features for sport. Vidaa smartwatch has 14 sports mode tracking, and Niagara smartwatch can track 8 different exercises with distinct modes. Those elements are important for anyone that is interested in and practices sports, and the variety of options is no joke! Those are some of the Deep Rio smartwatches, but not the only ones. Those smartwatches have a big variety of features and are affordable, so if you want to pamper yourself with a smartwatch, you should go and check those up on Deep Rio or Deep Nordic websites!

Generally, smartwatches offer a multitude of useful features that aim to assist you in your daily life and track your sports activities. In my experience, there is nothing better than a smartwatch to keep you "connected" if you love mobility and ease of use.


Written by Adela

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