Heart rate tracking that fits your everyday

Our technology allows constant, automatic heart rate tracking, so you can understand your heart and your health in greater detail than ever before, all without lifting a finger.

Heart rate monitoring

Heart rate tracking doesn't need to be complicated. With Deeprio Vidaa you get a simple on-device heart rate tracker that is always with you and provides all-day heart rate monitoring.

Complex data made simple

Great heart rate data is one thing, but what is the point if you can’t work out what it all means? The DeepLife app makes it simple. You can see your heart rate over the day laid out clearly, then view and compare your data over weeks, months, and years giving you insight in to your health patterns. Heart rate data is even automatically included in exercise records, so you get the full picture of your fitness journey.

The science behind the magic

Even though photoplethysmography sounds complex, the explanation is simple. Blood cells adsorb green light and reflect red light (that’s what makes them red!). Our technology flashes a green light against your wrist and a sensor measures how much green light bounces back. More blood pumping = more cells absorbing green light = less green light back to the sensor. That’s it, simple!.