SpO2 – a window to wellness.

Blood oxygen saturation - known as SpO2 - can provide a great insight in to general health, but unlike a lot of other important health markers it is usually invisible and undetectable. Our smart devices make this vital measure of health simple to measure and easy to understand.

Monitor your blood oxygen levels

SpO2 measures the % of oxygen your red blood cells are carrying around your body, and for most people this is 95-100%. Keeping track of your SpO2 over time can give you insight in to your general wellness, as well as alert you of when your body isn’t performing its best and needs some extra TLC.

Get to grips with SpO2 in DeepLife

Just as with all your other health data, the DeepLife app makes understanding your SpO2 levels intuitive. Every SpO2 measure is displayed in simple graphs, enabling you to identify patterns, track your ‘normal’ SpO2 level, and compare stats over time.  

How to measure your SpO2

Our devices do not automatically measure SpO2, so you get to decide how often you want to check in on your blood oxygen levels. For the most accurate results we have some quick tips: 1. Make sure the watch is snug on your wrist, but still comfortable - don’t cut of your blood supply! 2. Check that the back of the watch is flat against your skin. If your wrist bone is in the way move the watch down your wrist a few centimeters 3. Keep your arm still while the measurement happens- the watch will vibrate when the measurement is done

The science behind the magic

Hemoglobin is a protein in your blood that carries oxygen around your body. The more oxygen the hemoglobin is carrying, the brighter red the blood cells look. Our technology flashes 2 lights – one red, one green - against your wrist dozens of times a second. The differences in how much these 2 lights are absorbed by the blood cells tells your device the colour of your blood, allowing it to calculate your SpO2 levels to within 2% accuracy, every time.