The benefits of a movement reminder

The benefits of a movement reminder

In the simplest sense, smartwatches are extensions of smartphones - they display notifications, respond to phone calls, let you use apps, and keep time. You almost always wear a smartwatch, which is one of its main advantages. As a result, smartwatch wearers can stay connected to what's important to them.

As smartphones have evolved and gained functionality, smartwatches have also changed, so they are now nearly as intelligent as smartphones. In contrast to traditional watches that simply showed the time, this smartwatch functions as a wearable computer on the wrist.

The Deeprio smartwatch is an all-in-one health wearable that you can use every day. In addition to tracking vital signs, walking, and activity overall, while keeping you updated on your daily activities, Deeprio's smartwatches can also provide you with quick and easy access to all notifications.

Modern technology has made our lives easier, but it has also made us sedentary. Sitting for long periods has been linked to several negative health effects. Namely, among the possible health risks are weight gain and conditions related to the metabolic system, including high blood pressure and high blood sugar.

Broadly speaking, movement of any kind (no matter how leisurely) is beneficial. For starters, it burns calories, which means you will probably lose weight and gain more energy. Maintaining muscle tone, movement, and flexibility, as well as your mental health, are benefits of physical activity. Additionally, it has been proven that a smart movement reminder on your smartwatch can help you stay active and healthy!

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Ergonomics professor Lan Hedge of Cornell University says neither standing nor sitting all day is healthy. According to him, a person should divide their activities appropriately throughout the day to do their best. In Hedge's opinion, people should take the following breaks every half hour they spend at work:

  • Spend 20 minutes sitting
  • Spend 8 minutes standing
  • Move around and stretch for two minutes

But, what are the actual advantages of a movement reminder? Let’s find out:

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1. You will never forget to move or stretch at least a bit

Besides Hedge’s opinion, other research has found that you should exercise every 90 minutes to maintain a healthy energy level. When using one of the smartwatches Deeprio, you can set a smart movement reminder that alerts you when 90 minutes have passed, and you should move a bit. Nevertheless, you can choose another interval for the alerts if you wish. By scheduling movement reminders, you can transform a great goal into a lifetime habit.

2. It motivates you to be active

Do you need a little motivation? A smartwatch with movement reminders sends out a gentle alert to help you to keep an active lifestyle by notifying you when you've been sedentary. These reminders motivate you to stay active daily and urge you to at least get-up, walk a bit, or stretch. According to some researchers, moderate activity - between 60 and 75 minutes per day - is beneficial for reducing the negative effects of prolonged sedentary behavior.

3. It transforms movement into one of your habits

Recent research shows that using movement reminders helped sedentary people become more active. A recently conducted survey showed that 57% of smartwatch owners reported spending more time exercising after getting a smartwatch with a movement reminder. Another study found that 70% of the sedentary participants increased the amount they moved after just two weeks of using a fitness tracker with movement reminders. Furthermore, 60% of the study participants continued to be more active two months after the study concluded.

Bottom line

Smartwatches are loved for their various features and their ease of use. There is no need for special equipment for tracking movement, sleep, or any other vital sign you may be interested in monitoring. All those details are on your wrist thanks to a small, nicely designed smartwatch! And Deeprio offers excellent options. With the Deeprio smartwatches, you can stay connected to the world, monitor your health, and stay on top of your sports activities.

While regular movement has numerous health benefits, some people find it difficult to incorporate it into their daily routines. There are several ways to become more active in your everyday life, and a movement reminder is one of them, or it can assist you in putting other solutions into practice! The smartwatch is an undeniable and effective way to ensure you always remember to stay active and manage to beat the sedentary lifestyle.

The smart reminder from Deeprio has been designed to make sure that nothing slips your mind, no matter if it is moving, drinking water, or any other important activity. With Deeprio smartwatches, you can track your fitness and health, and get notifications from your phone. They help you remember and monitor everything that is important to you.


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