About us

Deeprio was founded in 2021 in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark. Surrounded by a culture of technical innovation and bold ideas, Deeprio has the vision to bring the Nordic emphasis on health and egalitarianism to the world. We at Deeprio believe that smart watches can be used to improve many aspects of day-to-day life – by keeping track of communications and commitments to help your work/life balance, by making your loved ones and favourite communities easier to reach, and by providing the tools to set and achieve healthy lifestyle and fitness goals. Deeprio makes smart watches that are easy to use, stylish to wear, and fit seamlessly in to daily life. 

We also believe that these valuable tools should not remain only in the hands of the wealthy elite, but should be accessible to all. That is why we focus on developing high quality and globally relevant smart watch technology at an affordable price. In fact that is where we got our name, since Rio is Latin for river. Just as great rivers traverse the world and transcends country borders, so Deeprio has the vision to bring smart watch access to the world.