Deep Rio (deeprio.com) is where I’ll post about culture, history, nature and (occasionally) news from Rio de Janeiro.

Here, I hope to show you things you previously may not have known about the city and, at times, the state. All the while, doing my best to avoid the incessant negative news cycle. In a nutshell, you’ll find:

– translated articles on current events, culture, & the environment
– occassionally my own articles on various aspects of the city & its people
– mixed content from historical magazines and newspapers

All posts considered, Deep Rio is heavy on the history because I migrated my now-defunct history blog, Rio Then, upon starting this blog. I also brang over Rio-related posts from my old blog, Eyes On Brazil.

About me

I’m from the US but I’ve been studying Brazilian culture for the last 18 years and spent 2 years living in Rio, and an additional year living in other areas of Brazil, like the Amazon. From 2008, I’ve been writing about my findings principally on Eyes On Brazil (2008 – 2012), Eyes On Recife (2012 – 2017) and Rio Then (2013 – 2017).

All in all, I’ve written around 2,000 posts on Brazilian culture and the Portuguese language. I was a columnist and social media manager at Street Smart Brazil (2010 – 2015), and I sometimes write about Brazilian issues at Global Voices as well as volunteer as a translator for favela-related news at Rio On Watch.

Where I’ve lived in Rio: Campo Grande, Penchinha (next to City of God), Rocinha (favela), Vidigal (favela), Cantagalo (favela), Botafogo, Tijuca, São Francisco Xavier, Niterói (Santa Rosa / favela do Beltrão)

Side Note: Deep Rio isn’t related to Deep Brazil, a great blog I used to visit in my Eyes On Brazil days.


O Deep Rio é um site para entender melhor a cidade do Rio, e é onde vou falar de notícias, natureza, cultura e história, enquanto tento evitar o ciclo incessante de notícias negativas. Principalmente você pode encontrar o seguinte aqui:

– artigos traduzidos de assuntos atuais, cultura e o meio ambiente
– os meus próprios artigos sobre vários aspectos da cidade e do seu povo
– conteúdo variado de revistas e jornais do passado

Now for a little bit of playful triviality: I’d like to say ‘hello’ to all the news outlets, big and small, that I’ve noticed occassionally use my research for their articles, w/o crediting me.