Dictionary of the Social History of Samba

Zé Carioca, a character created by Disney, brings together several stereotypes about the people of Rio de Janeiro, especially those adept at samba, considered for a long time to be the rhythm that attracted “malandragem”. To deconstruct such figures, Nei Lopes and Luiz Antonio Simas, writers and sambistas, published the best-selling Dicionário da história social do … Continue reading Dictionary of the Social History of Samba

Jongo – The Grandfather of Samba

Before there was the oh-so-famous samba, there was the jongo, which is an African “belly-bumping” (umbigada) dance that can be traced back to a Bantu people of modern-day Angola. The belly-bump, in Kimbundu (a Bantu language), is known as the “semba“, which is where the word “samba” comes from. While for both religious and entertainment purposes, … Continue reading Jongo – The Grandfather of Samba