Carioca Brands 2018

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Carioca Brands 2018


The “Marcas dos Cariocas” study, a partnership between Globo and TroianoBranding, started in 2010. This year, the survey listed the product and services brands that are most admired by Cariocas across 40 categories.


In the ninth edition, the first phase included 2,060 interviews, in which brands were cited spontaneously, without suggesting names. The ten most memorable ones in each category went to the second stage, with 2,355 interviews.


The researchers asked participants to evaluate the brands in each category, taking into consideration quality, respect for the consumer, price, identity (“it matches my style”) and evolution (“it’s always remaking itself”).

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The Face of Rio

Brands identified as having traits that are typically Carioca, such as optimism and relaxation.


  1. Respect for the Consumer. 2. Respect for the Environment. 3 – 8. Winners.

Source (PT)


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