Despite crises, Rio shines


Amid the economic and security crisis, Rio is still the ‘marvelous city’ for residents of São Paulo

Preferred destination: Carnival (21%) | New Years (20%) | national tourism (17%) | State tourism (13%) | Beach – Copacabana (4%)

Rio is not a single picture, it’s not just news. It’s several cities, and lots of news – many of them good – that make you dizzy. Rio is the conversation with the taxi driver who says he’s reached his limit, but that he wouldn’t trade it for anything, it’s the friendly waiter with whom you have to feign an alleged intimacy to be served, it’s the strong-lunged mate seller on the beach, the sunset at Arpoador, the view from Vidigal … And everything else that’s enchanting.

This makes Rio what it is and will keep being: God’s whim, at his best and worst mood. Some of the news that Rio sends me fills my soul. Other knock me out in one breath. On average, the city’s image, constructed at a distance, doesn’t compare much with what you see in person.

Some especially comforting examples: Lapa with full bars, a walk through region that has AquaRio and the Museum of Tomorrow, a beer in Urca – it doesn’t have to be on the seawall -, Parque Lage, the Botanical Garden. Each of these already makes it worth it to be there. That’s why for residents of São Paulo, Bahia, Minas Gerais and even aliens, if they exist, Rio remains on the list of destinations one shouldn’t miss. – Source (PT)


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