An Auditory History of Samba


Below are two collections I came across detailing the history of samba and other popular songs. Enjoy!

Como e Por quê nascem as Canções

“Well-known in sports and cultural journalism, John Max is the author, along with Charles Didier, of Noel Rosa – Uma biografia and has published books on Paulinho da Viola, movie soundtracks, and the great stars of Brazilian football and Maracanã. On the radio, he made the documentary Vinicius – Poesia, música e paixão in 32 chapters. He is one of the leading experts in the history and stories of Brazilian music, a subject that is addressed this program, highlighting how important popular songs emerged.”

The 32-part short-audio series from Rádio Batuta on samba and other popular Brazilian songs can be found here (PT).

FYI: The audios don’t seem to work on Safari, but they worked on Chrome.


No Tempo do Samba

In this 24-part series from Rádio UFOP, out of the Federal University of Ouro Preto, the history of samba is retold. Each episode is about 10 minutes and they’re all in Portuguese. The project blog is here (PT).

FYI: The pace is slightly too fast and the background music can be bothersome when trying to focus on the host’s words.


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