How to find Rio Samba Groups

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A project from the Pereira Passos Institute, by Rio’s Secretary of Culture and the NGO Rede Carioca de Rodas de Samba, is trying to measure how many there are, how many people attend and how much money is generated by one of Rio’s main cultural heritage activities: samba groups. An in-depth study has led to the launch of a platform three weeks ago that aims to map them in the city.

Project Site (click “#MapaParticipativoRodas”, then “Explorar o Mapa”)

“Those who get around the city, and who like the samba groups know that these events take place seven days a week, throughout the year. Unlike Carnival, which is seasonal, the samba groups come together all the time. We wanted to understand where the groups are, what their potential and demands are,” explained geographer João Grand Júnior, one of the creators of the system and a student of the subject.

The project began at the end of 2015, with a decree by the City of Rio de Janeiro. The first step was a study that identified 140 to 150 samba groups in the city. The second step is mapping them online. The study was dependent on the event organizations.

“We summon the samba groups to put their information on the map. Previously, we did the survey ourselves but today we invite the samba groups to participate in the survey,” said the geographer.

Currently the site has about 25 samba groups registered, but the idea is that the number increases with the visibility of the platform.

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Economic potential of samba groups

With the slogan “Vive mejor quem samba” (Those who samba, live better), the researcher carried out a study with 25 samba groups from Rio de Janeiro to evaluate the potential of the market. This small sample of the samba groups market in Rio de Janeiro yielded R$1.33 million per month.

The study data shows that 66% of the public consume on average over R$50 a month at this type of event. For 31% of respondents, consumption exceeds R$75.

One of the next steps for the Pereira Passos Institute, Rio’s Secretary of Culture and Rede Carioca de Rodas de Samba is to try to scale the number of professionals who work and depend on the market. From salespeople, to musicians and technicians.

The map of Rio’s samba groups of Rio will remain online indefinitely. The idea is that it’s updated constantly and becomes a medium of reference not only for researchers, but also for the regulars, when choosing the places that they will visit. – Source (PT)

Enjoy a short documentary (PT) on the NGO that made the project


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