Missing Guanabara


Aldir Blanc and Moacyr Luz met in a concert in 1984. On the way out, they got a ride with each other and -holy smokes! -they discovered that, unknowingly, they lived in the same building. These things only happen in Tijuca. The partnership started there. A melody would be sent up to the fourth floor, and lyrics would be sent down to the third.

Alone, Moacyr composed a “no-nonsense” samba and showed it to Beth Carvalho, who praised the melodic line, but suggested the verse change. A job for the man from the apartment above. In a short time, Aldir came down with his eyes glistening: “You can change the living room curtain because we have a hit.”

The second part was still missing. With the excuse of drinking some beers and eating lupin beans and gizzards, Paulo César Pinheiro was called and put his pen to work. Late in the afternoon, Moacyr called Beth: “That samba is going to be called ‘Saudades da Guanabara.'” The singer hurried to learn the new lyrics on the same day.

In 1989, when the song was recorded, Cariocas and Fluminenses also faced a critical situation. One more, of the many that we faced since Estácio de Sá. But nothing that compares to the bottom of the well – worse is that we may not have even reached the bottom of the well – in which that bastard Sérgio Cabral, in promiscuity with entrepreneurs of the likes of Jacob Barata, has us now. It’s necessary to sing in the street at the top of our lungs: “Brazil, your face is still Rio de Janeiro / A three by four photo and your whole body / Needs to regenerate itself.” Or softly, in the corner of the room, in the dark: “Take the arrows out of my patron’s chest / That Saint Sebastian of Rio de Janeiro / Can still be saved.”

As reinforcement, call Paulo César Pinheiro, Aldir Blanc and Moacyr Luz for a new meeting – and don’t forget the lupin beans! – in that Tijuca apartment. Who knows if one more heroic samba can’t help us out of this? – Source (PT)

Eu sei / I know
Que o meu peito é lona armada / That my chest is an armed canvas
Nostalgia não paga entrada / Nostalgia doesn’t pay the entrance fee
Circo vive é de ilusão (eu sei…) / The circus lives on illusion (I know…)

Chorei / I cried
Com saudades da Guanabara / Missing Guanabara
Refulgindo de estrelas claras / The glittering of bright stars
Longe dessa devastação (…e então) / Far from this devastation (…and then)

Armei / I set up
Pic-nic na Mesa do Imperador / A picnic at the Mesa do Imperador
E na Vista Chinesa solucei de dor / And at the Vista Chinesa I sobbed in pain
Pelos crimes que rolam contra a liberdade / For the crimes against freedom that occur

Reguei / I watered
O Salgueiro pra muda pegar outro alento / Salgueiro (willow) so the sapling takes another breath

Plantei novos brotos no Engenho de Dentro / I planted new sprouts in Engenho de Dentro
Pra alma não se atrofiar (Brasil) / So the soul doesn’t atrophy (Brazil)
Brasil, tua cara ainda é o Rio de Janeiro / Brazil, your face is still Rio de Janeiro
Três por quatro da foto e o teu corpo inteiro / A three by four photo and your whole body
Precisa se regenerar / Needs to regenerate itself

Eu sei / I know
Que a cidade hoje está mudada / That the city today is changed
Santa Cruz, Zona Sul, Baixada
Vala negra no coração / A black ditch at heart

Chorei / I cried
Com saudades da Guanabara / Missing Guanabara
Da Lagoa de águas claras /  A clear-watered Lagoa
Fui tomado de compaixão (…e então) / I was filled with compassion (…and then)

Passei / I passed
Pelas praias da Ilha do Governador / By the beaches of Ilha do Governador
E subi São Conrado até o Redentor / And I went up São Conrado to the Redeemer
Lá no morro Encantado eu pedi piedade / There on the Encantado hill I asked for pity

Plantei / I planted
Ramos de Laranjeiras foi meu juramento / Ramos de Laranjeiras (branches of orange trees) was my oath
No Flamengo, Catete, na Lapa e no Centro / In Flamengo, Catete, in Lapa and downtown

Pois é pra gente respirar (Brasil) / Because we’re supposed to breathe (Brazil)
Brasil / Brazil
Tira as flechas do peito do meu Padroeiro / Take the arrows out of my Patron’s chest
Que São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro / Saint Sebastian of Rio de Janeiro
Ainda pode se salvar / Can still be saved


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