There’s life outside the Zona Sul

(English subtitles available)

Far is a place that doesn’t exist for historian and communicologist Renata Saavedra. During 2 years, while coordinating the project to build the “Culture Map of Rio de Janeiro“, through the State Secretary of Culture, she got her ‘passport’ stamped in territories far beyond the Grajaú-Urca circuit, where she was born and raised. Circling through Nova Iguaçu, Mesquita, Caxias and Méier, among other destinations beyond the tunnel, she discovered a wonderful cultural world, where the only currency, for now, is love. But this creative cauldron, free of charge, made of movies, serenades, capoeira circles and poetry, is still invisible in the eyes of the public and most Cariocas, who remain hostage to the most terrible barriers of the broken city: disinterest in others. On the TEDxRio stage, Renata crosses the city in fractions of a second because she keeps every corner in her heart, making everyone reflect on the question that won’t keep her silent: “What’s far for you?”

Such an important talk. The Rio she mentions throughout her presentation is not a Rio that I know personally, but it’s a Rio that I recognize and love with the same passion. The Rio that I lived during my two years in the city was one of free culture in unlikely places, so I totally get what she’s advocating here. I didn’t have a TED stage to get my own message across but I’d tell (and still tell) anyone that will listen about all the cool stuff that exists in the city, if one has the curiosity and adventurousness to find it. 


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