Rio’s new noise law carries heavy fines


Stricter than the previous one, the new ‘Silence Law’ can carry a fine of up to R$5,000 for establishments that make “excessive noise” in Rio. In case the bar or restaurant is a repeat offender, the amount can be consecutively doubled. For individuals, punishments will be fines of R$500, “independently of the requirement to cease the transgression.” Authored by City Councilor Alexandre Arraes (PSDB), the law was mandated by Mayor Marcelo Crivella on Friday (June 30) and published in the Official Gazette this Monday (July 3).

Noise inspection will be transfered from the Military Police and will fall upon the Municipal Guard. The agents will be equipped with noise measuring devices, certified by the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro), to measure the volume of music in bars, parties and public squares. According to the Municipal Bureau of Public Order, the start of activities should take between 60 and 90 days. – Source (PT)

241 complaints per day

The Municipal Guards’ new job comes at a good moment. According to information gathered by Seop, excess noise is one of the main complaints made by Rio residents, as noted via the Military Police hotline. The Secretary said that, according to data from the Institute of Public Security (ISP), an average of 241 requests are received per day in the city. – Source (PT)

As always, a fine idea but let’s see how/if it’s actually put into practice.


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