Rio Marathon shows endurance


With the inspiring landscape of Rio de Janeiro as a backdrop, the Rio Marathon extends along the coastline of the city with a record number of participantes in its 15th* edition. When it was launched in 2003, the event brought together 3,000 people; this time, there will be more than 33,000 runners from 47 countries, who will run on Sunday (June 18th), the route between Praia do Pontal and Flamengo Park. As such, the race assumes the position of Brazil’s largest, surpassing the number of participants of São Paulo’s traditional 2016 São Silvestre marathon by 10%. “It’s incredible to see that, fifteen years later, we multiplied the number of participants by more than ten. I’m very happy and honored to have believed in this,” says João Traven, creator and producer of the event.

Made up of three types – the main route, at 42 kilometers long, the half marathon and the family circuit (6km) -, the competition has turned into a big event, and there’s a lot of fun planned for each of the starting points, such as live music from Alice Caymmi, Serjão Loroza and Davi Moraes. The large size is also evidenced by the impact on the city’s economy. According to the organizers’ calculations, the marathon will bring in an estimated revenue of R$200 million. At the same time, Expo Run, a fair with 25 companies specialized in food supplements and sports equipment, occupies the Sul América Convention Center between Thursday (15) and Saturday (17).


Excited to take part in the race, even far from being professional marathon runners, amateur athletes are getting ready. Retiree Lindalva Figueiredo, 71, trains four times a week with her daughter, Claudia Figueiredo, 43, on the track around Maracanã. “I started running to control blood pressure. This year I suffered signs of a stroke and, according to the doctor, I’m only here because I exercise,” says Lindalva. For those looking for reasons to start running, this is one of them. – Source (PT)

Contrary to statements in the article above, the Rio Marathon has been ocurring since 1979 (PT). The 15th edition mentioned above refers to the currently named version. The original was created by Eleonora Mendonça, the first woman to represent Brazil in an Olympic marathon, in 1984.


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