American holiday in Rio – 1920s

Looking at Sugarloaf it’s hard to believe that almost 100 years have passed since the images in this video were recorded. But the film goes on, and next come old cars, clothing from another time and horse-driven carts on the sands of Rio. This compilation of amateur images, which shows a family trip to Brazil in the 1920s, is part of one of the largest historical military archives of the US, Periscope Film.

In the silent film, we can see how the family spent its holiday, running on the beach, going on a boat ride, visiting markets or even doing more banal activities such as playing with their dog. Even so, the familiar context almost always has Rio as a backdrop, in black & white, which acts like a trip through time. – Source (PT)

Some time stamps

01:34 Guanabara Bay; 03:42 Palacio Monroe, former Federal Senate; 4:02 Obelisk on Avenida Rio Branco (formerly Central Avenue); 07:05 Rua Paysandu, Flamengo; 8:05 Corcovado; 10:53 Alexandrino Bridge, near Ilha das Cobras 10:55 Candelaria Church; 11:14 Chinese Vista; 12:00 – 14:30 Recife

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