Whitewashing Rio’s Port Area

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 11.05.41 AM.png

“When Rio de Janeiro trumpeted its regeneration of the port area for the Olympics last year, few people realised it was at the expense of the city’s black heritage. Kiratiana Freelon reports on what locals are calling the systematic whitewashing of Rio’s past”

It’s good to see Little Africa and the IPN being covered internationally, though the second clause in the first sentence of the lede above isn’t true. Many realized what was really going on but since those people are poor and thus marginalized, their voices were drowned out by the rivers of cash that were swept into the region.

I was made aware of the slash in IPN funding on the day it happened and considered turning it into an article for Global Voices. Seeing the Independent article makes me wish I did.

One of the key statements in the article, I felt, was the quote tucked into the middle, below.

“I always thought of Rio as a tropical getaway full of shopping and beach lounging,” Ashleigh Reddy, an American tourist visiting the IPN this week, told The Independent. “It feels like black history needs to be erased from Rio to sell it as a cosmopolitan destination.”

Read the full article


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