Museums of Tomorrow


Rio’s Museum of Tomorrow beat out important landmarks in London, Munich and Stockholm to be recognised as the Best Innovative Green Building on the planet during the MIPIM Awards (internationally-renowned real estate competition) in Cannes.

Featured in the building’s sustainability initiatives are its solar power capture system and the use of cold water from Guanabara Bay to feed its air-conditioning system. – Source (PT)


The other recent news, and the reason the title of this post is plural, is that Rio will be getting a new museum in the heart of Olympic Boulevard, in front of Candelária Church. It will be the national Maritime Museum to be located where the Espaço Cultural da Marinha is today. Included in its collection will be the entire sea universe: navegation, research, myths and religions, fishing, ports, lighthouses, the naval industry, and so on. The architectural team behind it also did the MAR, or Rio’s Museum of Art. The start and finish date have yet to be announced. – Source (PT)

The city of Rio has 58 museums and 54 cultural centers, according to Wikipedia.


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