Samba in the voice of those who make it


In December 2016, TV Brasil aired a special documentary Sambas na voz de quem faz (Samba in the voice of those who make it), to celebrate National Samba Day 2016. If you want to watch it, click on the Source link below but be advised it’s in Portuguese.

From being persecuted in the favelas to being honored throughout the country, the rhythm of Brazilian tradition has a lot of history to tell. The 26-minute documentary explores the origins of samba, old sambistas, black composers and the women who made history, as well as showing how many sambas it takes to build a country. From regional to urban, from the north to the south of Brazil, the rhythm goes from improvisation of samba de terreiro to verses of samba de raiz, samba de roda from the Recôncavo Baiano to samba de Bumbo from the interior of São Paulo, from the samba enredo of samba schools to pagode carioca.

The voices of singer and composer Leci Brandão, musician Osvaldinho da Cuíca, young singers and composers Magnu Sousá and Maurílio de Oliveira from the group Os Prettos and musician Bruna Prado tell this rich and diverse history. – Source (PT)

If you’re interested in samba documentaries, I’ve got you covered. If you want to download the documentary above, paste the source URL here.



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