A look into Rio’s mayorial campaign

Rio Ano Zero BR.jpg

I just finished 2013’s Rio, Ano Zero, a documentary that follows Rio politician Marcelo Freixo on the 2012 campaign trail to become mayor of Rio. By looking at my films list, you can tell that I’m a fan of documentaries, as it’s always interesting to see a slice of life of different kinds of people. Even more so because I was living in Rio at the time, but paid zero attention to the campaign, on the grounds that one cannot be of the people and above the people at the same time (but that’s a discussion for another time).

While the film shows a positive image of Freixo, it doesn’t leave out small encounters and instances that inevitably throw a little light on what it means to be yet another campaigning politician in Rio de Janeiro. As readers might know, Freixo ran again in late 2016 but lost to Crivella.

To read a little bit more about the film (which the director has made available for free), click on it below and see the description. If you’re interested in this type of documentary, also check out 2005’s Portuguese language-only Vocação do Poder (coincidentally, I was living in Rio then as well).


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