Praia do Flamengo wall


Above is an “instantâneo” from February 2nd, 1924 on Flamengo beach (with its famous paredão). Below, I’ve dated the wall through archived images. Why write about the wall in the first place? It’s always captured my attention due to the lack of such big walls at any of Rio’s beaches today, not to mention the now-lost sensation of crossing a street and immediately being at the beach, within a few steps of the water.

Through my research, I’m able to see that the paredão existed in this form in 1914 photos as well as in images taken as far as the 1930s and 1940s (but with a high wall and with a more crowded beach). There is an image I found from 1916 where the wall is also really high, so I’m guessing the sand bank got eroded at different times. By 1958, the beach had a larger area of sand.

Careta Flamengo 1927Careta Flamengo 1927 -2

Both above from 1927

From previous knowledge and what I can gather, the wall itself was created by the Pereira Passos government around 1906, and by 1961, it had been removed due to the Aterro project in 1965. Somewhere in between, it was seemingly calm and quaint (baring ressacas, as seen here in 1915).

By the way, notice the useful but dangerous hooks in the wall for hanging clothes, and see here how they used to advertise products and services.


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