Geography of Rio Samba

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Rummaging around the net, I saw yet another cool book to eventually add to my collection. The only problem is it’s a rare book apparently, and thus it ranges in price from $50 to $130 [1]. If you prefer, it’s also on Google Books [2].

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Table of Contents

“In ‘Geografia carioca do samba’, author Luiz Fernando Vianna traces the route, in the historic and geographic sense, covered by the genre until today. The author maps the trajectory of samba, starting from Praça Onze, where it was born and took its first steps, until it arrived at Barra da Tijuca, having gone through neighborhoods such as Estácio, Lapa, Botafogo, Madureira, Inhaúma, Tijuca, Vila Isabel and Mangueira, among others cited in the book.

The result of the book is a wonderful trip through the city that gave us Donga, Bide, Ismael Silva, Noel Rosa, Cartola, Paulo da Portela, Zé Kéti, Monarco, Nelson Sargento, Paulinho da Viola, Bete Carvalho, Zeca Pacodinho and so many others responsible for making our lives happier.

A revealing trip through samba, which retells stories, digs up characters and points out the main physical and social changes occurring in the neighborhoods through which the genre made history.” – Saraiva


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