Carnival 1953 – Lost Marchinha

In one of the old videos of Rio on Youtube, produced by Warner Bros, I heard a great little marchinha at the 1:20 mark, but which you can hear best starting at the 2:00 mark, going til 2:45, with some interruptions by the narrator. The lyrics are:

Ê, Ô, Ê, Ô, Ê
Meu bem, eu preciso de você
Como (o sabão) precisa do cachorro
E o nosso povo de ter um (c)oração
Como o batuque precisa lá do morro
E a cachaça precisa (do limão)

Ê, Ô, Ê, Ô, Ê
Meu bem, eu preciso de você
Meu bem, eu preciso de você

Se você me ama
Se você me ama
Eu quero a minha letra no seu monograma
Pra dizer a todos
Pra contar a todos
Que é com o meu sobrenome que você se chama
Não é Soares, não é Almeida
Se você não usar meu sobrenome
Eu tenho outro nome pra você usar

First, I had trouble finding the lyrics, then when found, words were missing so I had to listen many times to verses under the narrator’s voice and fill in some blanks. Plus, I couldn’t find any information at all on who created the song, nor any other version of it online anywhere.

I did track down the name of the director, André de la Varre, and found out it’s from 1953, not 1954. He was in Rio filming in late February of 1953. I even found the main marchinhas of ’53, but no titles pop out, aside from the biggest hit of that year, Cachaça (which people still sing today).

What struck me from watching the Rio Por Eles documentary series I posted in August 2016 is that many foreign clips of Rio had overlayed music that didn’t fit the reality of the visuals, which means the marchinha in question might be from a previous year.

It goes to show there are these great little things hidden in the past which fade into oblivion and if we look hard enough, we catch a scent on the breeze without ever knowing who or what it belonged to.



4 thoughts on “Carnival 1953 – Lost Marchinha

    1. It’s quite strange that we have so much historical information available to us, dating back centuries, but something ‘everyone’ in Rio knew by heart 60 years ago is lost to time!

      If I go back to live in Rio one day, I’d like to try hunting down info on the song’s composer, if not only as an exercise of investigation skills.


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