Pixinguinha & Velha Guarda

In April 1954, at the celebrations for São Paulo’s 400th anniversary, Thomaz Farkas filmed a samba show with Pixinguinha & the Velha Guarda. This short 10-minute documentary, in Portuguese, is about recuperating the footage, lost for 50 years.

Regarding Pixinguinha

“Alfredo da Rocha Vianna Jr. (1897 – 1973), aka Pixinguinha, was the father of Brazilian music. Normally recognized as “merely” a virtuoso flutist and genious composer, his talents as a maestro and arranger are disregarded. Pixinguinha created what is the modern day basis for Brazilian music. He mixed the then incipient music of Ernesto Nazareh, Chiquinha Gonzaga and the first choro songs with African rhythms, European styles and Afro-American music, creating a style that was genuinely Brazilian. He arranged the main hits of what was then known as the golden era of popular Brazilian music, orchestrating Carnival marchas and choros.”

Bonus – Lamentos


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