Take my picture – 1947

This is just a snippet of an article from Revista da Semana (1947) showing changes in attitude regarding ‘exhibitionism’ at the time.

273157563_b5da5844d6– “A photograph? Ah, yes, let me get into position…”

The person telling us this is a young and unabashed female sunbather. We recall the times when, to get a photo at the beach it was almost necessary to beg…Everyone tried to get away and when a pic was taken, often the subject’s family decided to send the most athletic of the bunch to ask that the negative not be used, under threat of…well, it was best just to hand it over!

Now, however, when a photographer merely walks by, people notice, and a girl with a green swimsuit is asking for a few moments so she can strike a pose.

– “Why a pose? We don’t want a posed photo…”
– “Ah, I thought you’d prefer if I were standing…So, let’s go…just take it like this.”

The photographer doesn’t plead.
– “Is it for the ‘beach beauty contest’?”, she asks.


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