The Loss of Etiquette – 1906

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The bond (trolley) was going to leave. The two comrades, Dr. Togaté and Chico Mesuras, were to take their seats.

I0004084-27PX=000000PY=000000 copy 2

but, getting lost in formalities, each one wished that the other would get on the bond first.

I0004084-27PX=000000PY=000000 copy 3

– Have patience, Mr. Togaté, you first.
– No, Mr. Chico Mesuras, I do not approve.

I0004084-27PX=000000PY=000000 copy 4

– Because of who you are, no formality is needed with me.
– It’s I who must cede the lead, dear friend.

The conductor, already impatient, rang the bell, ding! Continue on!

I0004084-27PX=000000PY=000000 copy 5

– Woosh! the bond took off in a furious rush, forcing the two, who were holding onto the hand-rails, to take some gaudy leaps.

I0004084-27PX=000000PY=000000 copy 6

and it left them on the floor, stretched out, without any formality at all, showing that haste ruins etiquette.


I0004084-27PX=000000PY=000000 (full)


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