Creation of Penha – 1927

Construção da Penha - Apr 1927(uma bella rua já construida onde se vê a encantadora Igreja da Penha)

This cool picture (click to enlarge) was found in the April 9th 1927 edition of RdS, under an article called “A Solução do Problema da Habitação: As Obras da Cia. Brasileira de Terrenos na Penha” (The Solution to the Housing Problem: Construction by the Brazilian Land Company in Penha). The company was working on 700k square meters of land, divided up into 1,500 lots, building 500 “hygenic” houses to be sold in installments.

I tried to find what street this is today but had some difficulty. Given the angle, I’d venture to say it’s Estrada José Rucas that connects with Av. Nossa Senhora da Penha. Edit: I found a reference stating it’s actually Rua Maçapuri.


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